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You Have the Power To Change Lives Worldwide

Kirk Moose


Kirk Moose has worked in the secular industry for the last 16 years in the electronic security industry, where he has demonstrated integrity, and a high standard of work. He is the proud husband of Ivonne Moose and father of three wonderful and Godly children. He has served as life group teacher, co teacher for the Prophetic Round Table, co teacher for life group, co leader for a prayer and prophetic service (The Furnace), and served on multiple foreign mission trips. He was also a deacon, deacon chair for the deacons in training committee, and helped to establish the School of the Spirit at Abba’s House.  He was ordained at Abba’s House in Hixson, TN under Pastor Ron Phillips Sr. Then in April of 2018 he founded Moose Ministries Inc with the purpose to train and equip locals around the world to empower them in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian Study and business from Dallas Baptist University and a Certificate  of Theology from Christ for the Nations in Dallas TX.

Andre King

Board Member

Andre King is a husband, father, and a committed Christ follower. A graduate of the internationally recognized Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Tx, Andre’s primary passion lies in missions. He has been blessed with the opportunity of having traveled to the Nations of Japan, Jamaica, Spain, and Honduras to share the Good News. Being fully bilingual in Spanish and English has been huge benefit in the effectiveness of ministry in Latin America. Andre and his family currently reside in Ft. Worth, TX, where he works as a licensed Loan Officer. 

Toby Downs

Board Member

Toby Downs has worked very successfully in the financial and insurance industry and currently is at a prominent Fortune 500 company. He has used his gifting to help enrich and empower his employer for success. He has also served as deacon, the lead deacon chair, life group teacher, and many other roles within the local body. He is an avid hiker and is very passionate about his family and men taking their place in the church. He resides in Chattanooga, TN.

Ivonne Moose

Board Member

Ivonne Moose has worked in the communications industry for many years throughout her life. She also has worked as a healthcare worker, and in the insurance industry for a Fortune 500 company. She is a very driven and passionate person who is always looking out for the best for her family. Being married for 19 years to her husband Kirk Moose and is the mother to three Godly children, she flows in the gifts of discernment, prophecy, and administration. She also has a passion for reaching and helping the Hispanic and Latin American community around the globe.

Matthew Moore

Board Member

Matthew Moore has spent 40 years working for several of the nation’s largest energy companies with a focus on natural gas transportation.  His career has taken him to Houston TX, Denver CO, Chattanooga TN, San Antonio TX and now back in Houston for one of the nation’s largest oil and gas pipeline companies.  He is passionate about his grown children and grandchildren in Texas and in California.  He moves with the gifts of wisdom and discernment along with his wife Alice of 37 years.  They share a passion for marriage and family ministry and helping younger couples.  They became acquainted with Kirk and Ivonne Moose many years ago while in Chattanooga and were part of the same church family and life group.  During those years a priceless friendship developed between the families that stands strong today.

John Paul Johns




Enriching Education

We desire to train and equip others.  You can join a passionate group of people with the heart for change through giving.

Meeting Need’s Of Locals

Where ever we go we do our best to reach the needs of the locals. Whether it be through clean water, clothing, or food. At the same time we do not stand in the pattern of giving hand outs. Rather we do our best to help equip the people we reach so they can become self sustaining.

Filtered Drinking Water

We are actively working to get water filters into areas that suffer form lack or clean water.


They Need Your Help!