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$500 Grant


Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
There are 10 million people in Haiti.
7.6 million lack access to improved sanitation.
And they are all struggling to recover from devastating earthquakes.
The Pure Project is a young, local organization dedicated to improving the lives of Haitians by providing them the MEANS for sanitary drinking water.  The city of Cite Soliel has been especially impacted and is the focus of the Pure Project.
Help is on the way.  Our gift of $500. Will go towards the purchase and installation of 200 biosand filters by next summer.  What is a biosand filter?  It is a mechanical filtration process.  …. a container that is plastic or concrete with an inset pipe and filled with layers of sand and gravel.  Dirty water is poured into the top of the filter and as it passes thru…. the sand and gravel remove pathogens and contaminants.   The result is clean safe drinking water.  Each filter will serve 8-10 people and once in place, these filters will be maintained at the local level by experienced technicians. No more children under the age of 5 will have to die.
The Pure Project is the creation of 3 women attending high school in South Tampa.  Their goal after graduation is to deliver these filters to Cite Solei.  Arrangements are already in place for their distribution.
And just to mention, one of these young ladies is Meredith Butler.  Her proud aunt is Cassandra Blakely.
Thank you.


$270 GRANT

Our Partner:

Pure Water for the World

Pure Water for the World, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to improve the health and livelihood of children and families in the developing world by partnering with communities to establish safe water solutions.


The Pure Project will purchase the bio-sand filters from the manufacturer and we have partnered with the non-profit, Pure Water for The World to specifically allow us to distribute them in the Cite De Soleil community. As we are a fairly new organization, Pure Water for the World has established facilities and trust within Cite De Soleil community. When the filters are installed, the community is given WASH (water and sanitation and hygiene education) and later local Haitians are hired for follow-up monitoring/maintenance.

With our funds they will provide:

  • Clean Water Tools. In home use biosand water filters. When serving schools, appropriate school-based water filters are installed, along with water sourcing solutions, as needed.

  • Education. Filter, hygiene, sanitation and water source protection training for all families. Additionally, they provide extensive training to volunteer Community Agents, who support 3-5 families in their own communities with maintaining their clean water filters and using safe hygiene practices.

  • Follow Up. Your donation is a long-term investment. They regularly monitoring and following up with families in communities leads to successful, continuous, and consistent use of safe water programs and practices.

to learn more visit:

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