Pure Water for the World

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Pure Water for the World, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to improve the health and livelihood of children and families in the developing world by partnering with communities to establish safe water solutions. To date, PWW has served over 200 communities across Latin America and Haiti, reaching more than 750,000 individuals.They have installed thousands of filters in Central America and Haiti.

What will Pure Water for the World will do?

With our funds they will provide:

  • Clean Water Tools. In home use biosand water filters. When serving schools, appropriate school-based water filters are installed, along with water sourcing solutions, as needed.

  • Education. Filter, hygiene, sanitation and water source protection training for all families. Additionally, they provide extensive training to volunteer Community Agents, who support 3-5 families in their own communities with maintaining their clean water filters and using safe hygiene practices.

  • Follow Up. Your donation is a long-term investment. They regularly monitoring and following up with families in communities leads to successful, continuous, and consistent use of safe water programs and practices.

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W.A.S.H. Education

W.A.S.H. stands for Water Sanitation and Hygiene.


to learn more visit: purewaterfortheworld.org