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What is a Bio sand filter?

One Bio-sand filter can provide clean water to about 8 to 10 people and is very easy to use and maintain. This household filter gives Haitians the ability to clean almost any water source. The Bio-sand filter can generate 3+ gallons per hour of water. Bio-sand filters run simply on its own, with no need for electricity. The best part is that the filter lasts for a very long time, over 10+ years. Click here to learn more about bio-sand and filters.


There are many types of solutions to providing clean water to developing countries. One of the most popular solutions is the installation of wells to extract clean ground water. This solution may be mostly sustainable in some environments-- but may be problematic for Haiti. In recent years; however, Haiti has been hit by a devastating earthquake- killing 230.000 people. In the wake of this disastrous event, many wells, if not previously defective, were broken or destroyed. Many wells are placed by non-profits or church organizations without establishing a system of sustainability that involves the local communities before, during, and after the process. Bio-sand  meet individual local needs by either cleaning collected rain water or water collected from other local areas. They can be integrated in existing collection systems or educate communities on filtering contaminants.

Where does my donation money go?

The direct donation money goes directly to Haiti.

How Exactly are you going to get the filters to Haitians?

We have partnered with the lovely Pure Water For the World to help us bring your donations to the people of Haiti. To learn more about the services they provide visit our 'Partners' page or visit their website here.


The Pure Project is a registered 501(c)(3), public non-profit organization and therefore receipts are tax deductible in the USA.

Who is getting paid?

All of our staff are volunteer based and none are paid. If you are interested in joining our team as an ambassador visit here. To learn about our team click here.


Nope. The merchandise pays for itself and any proceeds will go to our cause.