Why Haiti?

Pure Project Viewers,

Many people have asked us about our project and more specifically, why we started our mission in Haiti. There are several reasons behind our decision to start the project in Haiti and the significance of our chosen location.

The first reason behind the starting in Haiti is probably the most well known, the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck in 2010. Believe it or not, 6 years after the earthquake, Haitian families are still recovering from the unthinkable tragedy that cut off the water supply for many Haitians in and around Léogâne. The Pure Project's initial goal is to restore the supply of clean water in Haiti. 

Another reason behind working in Haiti is its proximity to Florida, where we are based. As a new non-profit organization, The Pure Project wants to start closer to home, gradually spreading across the world as we grow. Through your support we can achieve our goal in Haiti and begin to bring clean water, hope, and happiness to people and cities around the world. 

With your support, The Pure Project can achieve amazing things and bring joy to every person we help. 

Kind Regards,

Audrey Anello

Becoming an Ambassador

Dear Pure Project Viewers,

Hello, my name is Audrey Anello and I am the new Head of Community Affairs for The Pure Project. In simpler terms, I conduct the social media aspect for this amazing cause.

I am thrilled to announce that we have new ambassadors joining our team to aid in spreading the word of Haitians in need and The Pure Project. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or you know someone who might be, please continue reading. 

I recently applied to became an ambassador for The Pure Project and was graciously accepted into the program. The opportunity that this organization provides for not only ambassadors, but for the Haitians we help, is truly remarkable. If you are even remotely considering becoming an ambassador, I would urge you to apply.

Not only are you given the opportunity to work hand in hand with other amazing organizations helping Haitians, but you are given the freedom to assist in the program in your own special way. For example, a recently accepted candidate, Kendall Perez, applied as an ambassador, but is now the Head of Communications for The Pure Project. Perez knew what abilities she could bring to the table and utilized her skills to become a Chair Member reaching out to major companies to gain their support. Do you have any passions or talents that you wish to enact? Even if you are unsure, becoming an ambassador of The Pure Project can help you find a passion you may have never known you had. If you feel strongly about this cause, The team members of The Pure Project would advise you to apply and achieve goals you may have previously thought to be out of reach. 

You have the ability to help change the world and find yourself in the process. Please consider applying at www.thepureproject.org/share

Kind Regards,

Audrey Anello

Head of Community Affairs

Our New Name

The Pure Project Viewers, 

So, you heard we have a new name. Yes, we do. Now, that does not change anything about our organization. We revamped the name in order to gain more exposure. Straws For Life was great, but our team thought we needed to have MORE. So, after much consideration and research we changed our name to......*drum roll* The Pure Project! Our new name allows people to better understand our goals. What do we do? We raise money for pure clean water. How are we doing it? By creating a project to gain exposure. I feel like now our viewers will look at us differently and I'm hoping in a positive way! The Pure Project is catchier and easier to remember. We are all very excited to share with you all our new name and look forward to hearing back from you.


Ashley Achin

Cross Out Cancer 5K

On November 21st 2015, Straws For Life members Ashley Achin, Rohit Mittal, and Abtahee Ali participated in a 5K created by a high schooler from The Tampa Bay Area, Elizabeth Dolan. It was a very special cause that was close to our hearts and we enjoyed every second of it. Just like Elizabeth Dolan, the Straws For Life Team has a goal. Through the help of donors we can achieve this goal. Our setup was simple for our first event we participated in but it was close to our hearts. We had the opportunity to get in contact with some of the major sponsors and get some fundraising ideas. We even had people approach us regarding how they could help. It truly was a great way for us to spend our Saturday morning. Our only issue was that while everyone was receiving water bottles after their run, our eyes opened. America is given so many opportunities and luxuries compared to other countries. What about all of those children in Haiti who have no clean water? What are they doing on their Saturday Morning? How can we help them? There are so many people dying already from contaminated water that we need this goal to become a reality. With your help, it can happen.

Donating to us fills that empty hole in your heart that you never knew was there.


Ashley Achin