Winners of the PDQ Raffle

Thank You all for coming out to PDQ tonight! For those of you that entered the raffle here are the winners:

  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card : Denise Traina

  • Mug, Starbucks Gift Card & Socks : Kendall Perez

  • $25 iTunes Gift Card : Cris Renner

  • Publix Gift Card : Julie Jenkins

  • Best Buy : Edna Swafford

  • 2 Urban Decay Lip Sticks : Sydney Sommer

  • AMC Gift Card : Jessie Traina

  • iTunes Gift Card & Bracelet : Anna Hedger

  • Panera Bread Gift Card : Kim Perez

  • Netflix $15 Gift Card : Julianne Nichter

  • Bealls Gift Card : Emily Villanueva

Congratulations to everyone who won something! If you didn't find you're name on this list today we will have many more events you can participate in the future!


      The Pure Project Team